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Business Owners-LayerFund provides a total solution allowing business owners nationwide, to legally obtain growth capital from accredited investors. Capital to help grow and expand, retool, acquire new equipment, deepen inventory volume or diversify product offerings. The reasons your business needs capital are virtually endless and LayerFund is more than just a portal, we’re in-business to help your business, all without a bank loan.

R&D Phase or Commercial Ready?

This question may often be answered inconsistently if left solely to the technology development team. The claim may be stable and ready, yet not commercialized. Perhaps the solution works at one specific volume, but may prove near impossible or economically unfeasible to scale to a full commercialization. a private market has existed in America for over 80 years and is currently a vibrant marketplace in which over $1.25 Trillion USD was raised in the U.S. in 2013 alone, all in private business opportunities. Imagine having access to that amount of capital that is often completely separate from lending institutions and banks. This is real person-to-person direct funding, with rates and terms you have control over. What could you do with funding you know your business can deliver on? What would you be willing to pay out or share with an investor who believed in your vision? Most importantly, where and how do you start?


The reason the public was often unaware of this option, is that for those same 80 years there were significant restrictions and legal requirements in order for businesses (known as the issuer) to “issue” private securities, while there was also a huge burden placed upon investors who had to prove that they too met specific federal laws. Funding projects such as real estate or oil & gas have taken the most advantage of these funding options, but both the investors and the business owners with the financial opportunity were under inflexible restrictions, not able to discuss these business matters to, or with the general public. The United States empowers the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) to regulate all securities including those publicly traded and privately issued. The S.E.C. set these rules and procedures in place in order to protect both the issuer and the investor from unnecessary risk, fraud and financial losses.


Since 2012 some of those laws began to simplify certain requirements and LayerFund was designed to automate as much of the legal process as possible, bringing it all online and within reach of both business owners and investors. Our platform acts as a marketplace, making sure that live people such as living and breathing stock brokers and S.E.C. experienced attorneys oversee your entire issuance from start to funding. Online escrow services, identity and fraud protection methods and other features are built-in making the entire experience simple. For added compliance, every document viewed, printed, downloaded and digitally signed is logged and time & date stamped, so the flow of the entire creation of the issuance exceeds all legal and compliance requirements.


In no way does LayerFund circumvent any of the complex laws and regulatory requirements that are meant to protect everyone. No expense was spared in developing a fully compliant, easy to use and robust technology. What was previously overwhelming, unreachably expensive and complex, is now more manageable, more affordable and more accessible than ever through the use of the Internet.


All users are required to review the disclaimer, terms, privacy policies and legal notices in compliance with SEC, FINRA/SIPC, ERISA, FDIC and in accordance with CrowdTrade providing LayerFund with specific use rights to their online funding platform and technology.

How Investors Interface with Your Business Opportunity

F und your company with terms make sense to your business and make sense to investors. Ask yourself a few questions if your business has reached a point where it really needs funding to grow, expand or survive! Do you only need short term funding and have a credit worthy business? Are you willing to assume a personal guarantee? Do you have wholesale inventory that you can grant investors a right to if you fail to meet the terms of your offering? What cost of money can your business afford to take on?

Often it is best to include the cost of acquiring money with the associated broker-dealer costs at time of funding. If this is confusing to you, just send drop us a line with the general terms you are looking for and our staff can customize a proposal for you to not only be compliant with federal and state laws, but our goal is to guide you with our professional advisors to create a financial offering that is compelling to investors. Costs involved might be compared to when a home is listed by a realtor and all commissions are paid by the seller, not the buyer spending the money. Gather your thoughts and questions down in writing so we can provide you with a complementary 10 minute overview at no cost to you.

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