About Us

Founding Principles

Carter Energy is focused on delivering real-world energy and technologically advanced solutions to the world. We operate without partiality or ence as to the availability of 506(c) offerings, while providing a rich set of tools and online functions for the entire process to take place all online if so desired.

LayerFund was specifically launched in order to leverage these advantages and provide accredited investors access to asset-backed securities via private placements from business owners. If your business qualifies and is capable of meeting all legal requirements, you too can tap into private capital that must be invested in either tangible assets or inventory based debt. Structuring of all opportunities are selected by LayerFund administrators in order to greatly mitigate investor risk. When no tangible assets exist at all, a close examination with business founders as to restructuring the financing or terms takes place, so that the offering is compelling and makes sound business sense to investors.

Company Drivers

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to provide a fully compliant, transperant and extendible funding platform which honors investor captial handsomely, placing it into opportunities engineered to mitigate risk and provide a solid means of recoverability.

Our Commitment

In order to ensure as much transperancy as possible, all start-up businesses seeking funding via LayerFund must be based in the U.S.A. Real estate opportunities and industrial type investment projects may be overseas but are currently only considered on a very select basis.

Our Approach

As a consulting entity we integrate professional services from SEC attorneys, financial advisors and investment managers alike. LayerFund does not and cannot earn revenues on a contigency (success) basis, alleviating and compromise to our core values or objectivity which could be swayed by either issuers or investors.

Technology Integration Process

Time reduced to qualify technology -80%
Due diligence costs compared to a paper process -90%
Average cost benefit ratio improvement -85%
Downtime and failure reductions -70%
Time saved when using us -55%

Executive Team