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Solar Liquid Power

Over the span of many decades, solar power has depended primarily upon conventional, silicon-based solar cells. Specific applications such as satellites have used more exotic materials such as gallium nitride (GaN) or other technologies, with limited market reach. Despite only a few materials available for solar cell innovation, most R&D resources have sought to improve and its efficiency as options were limited. The inability to go beyond the traditional, physical structure itself is what keeps solar cell advances stagnant.

Molecular Quartermasters is a science-driven, nanomaterials development group, committed to the creation of new materials no longer limited by the traditional constraints that existing technologies suffer from. Electrical limitations and risks such as water encapsulation, capacitance, resistance and conductivity are able to be "mastered" at the nano-level with the innovative approaches pioneered by the MQ team. Solar Liquid Power (SLP) is the nexus of this technology, with proven reliability and efficiency capabilities fully proven in space aboard the International Space Station.

Disruptive technologies are often seen as a double-edged sword, benefitting only the innovator and not the existing industry at large. This is not the case with MQ's SLP product. SLP is a base material, intended to reduce the cost, complexity and difficiencies found amongst all current solar cell technologies. No longer are solar panels limited by low wattage densities per area, losses due to resistance in conducting metals or semiconductors. SLP in future iterations will also be available in custom formulations allowing it to be "infused" into manufactured products such as plastics, fabrics/weaves, alloys and specialized coatings. Additionally, the ability to greatly improve marginal power production per 24 hour day from 5-6 hours to over 12 hours per day is an unexpected benefit no other technology offers. Independent power production can further be simplified and available to a larger market segment, both broadening the market size and ensuring long term growth to solar manufacturers and project developers. All SLP innovations are based in and forever manufactured within the U.S.A.

Molecular Quartermaster’s SOLAR LIQUID POWER provides commercial advantages the solar industry cannot afford to refuse, including:

  • On-Premise Power Remote, extreme and robust power is now economically feasible with SLP. Comprised of low cost and commonly available materials, the resulting SLP product contains no silver, copper or metals of any kind. It is therefore impervious to corrossion or electromagnetic disruptions, unlike all traditional energy generating systems are vulnerable to. Up to 17 hours of power generating capability (based on all spectrum of visible, invisible, infrared, UV and gamma rays) throughout a 24 hour day, SLP simply creates an entirely new standard for solar power generation.
  • Immediate Implementation SLP intends on supplanting the current solar cell market and becoming a C.O.T.S. (commercial off-the-shelf) material for the entire solar energy industry at large. The SLP innovation will also allow smaller, less funded companies to act nimbly and respond promptly to the energy generating needs of diverse global market sectors and communities. Committing to robust solutions and extensive laboratory development for these new opportunities is a foundation of the Molecular Quartermasters scientific team.
  • Quantifiable Costing Implementing proprietary low-cost, nano-manufacturing with the additional power production gains that defeat the Shockley–Queisser limit, no single solar panel manufacturer can remain economically competitive without the SLP cost-to-power and simplicity of manufacturing advantages.
  • Product Life Cycle Since SLP does not suffer from conductive materials degradation, warrantees of 20 years or greater are offered to certified vendors and manufacturers. No loss of power due to product aging is foreseable and M.Q. is committed to ensuring product consistency, support and long term power production with minimal fuss to end users.

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