December 6, 2015-May 2016 via ULA Atlas V & Cygnus

Broadband provisioning servicing small companies up to large enterprise carriers globally.

Current News / Recent Developments

4 May

Completion of successful I.S.S. Mission

Our premier nanotechnology innovator Molecular Quartermasters (MQ) returns test probe to Earth with positive results MQ was invited back to space by NASA for an additional testing phase.

22 Aug

Telecom carrier accepts limited demonstration

Fast FiBR an I.T. and telecommunications innovator, reached a mutually beneficial arrangement to proceed with commercial trials of their broadband provisioning appliance in Latin America.


  • "In our remote market, there is no relevant Internet service near 10Mbps. We're so excited that we have an on-premise solution that helps our users and associates make the most of their education within our campus!"
    Abdul Bazzara, PhD, Professor American Studies, Jordan
  • "With a demand for over 100MW of solar, we are eager to see MQ Corporation reach commercialization of their Solar Liquid Power (SLP) solar power solution. There are so many PPAs available that allow for our team to compete with excellent R.O.I. based on their total cost per Kw installed."
    D.B., Senior Director Private Solar Power Consultant